Autumn, change of season

Hello my dear friends,

First of all I like to welcome our new subscribers of my News Letter, and there are quite a lot who did, especially the last month, which is really nice. Thank you for joining!

What happened the last 3 months? Well I participated in quite some fairs, and still do, but in August there were every weekend fairs/ markets, very nicely organised with social distancing of course. We were very lucky so far with the weather, which is so important when you are out there with all your beautiful items. Unfortunately 1 market was cancelled by the council in Newark last month due to new outbreaks of the virus in a factory in Newark and of course the council did not want to take any risks, very understandable.

It's so good to meet the public and get feedback, I love it and also to talk things over with my clients, that's great. There was a lot of public, especially in the last markets, and I like to thank every one of you who purchased a treasure from me, it was so nice to meet you all !

We are just back from a short break and went to South Wales, fantastic weather, great for coastal path walks and lots of climbing as well, steep hills. Breath taking views. One day we were in the mist but that was also great for walking, totally different feelings. It's all walking meditation!

For this Autumn, and Winter as well, I am creating some special long necklaces. So far I have used lava in combination with amazonite, African turquoise and also some beautiful African jasper. All in combination with Tribe silver spacers and charms/ pendants. I encountered some special Tribe silver charms, engraved spikes, spheres and bells. All very interesting!

Long necklaces are so nice to wear, it feels different as you can easily touch them, you see them yourself when you look down, which is a very nice benefit I think. More to come, watch my posts on Instagram and FB!😉

You will encounter in my shop also some more silver earrings, only silver. I was receiving some requests for that, so little by little some more of those in the collection.

Lots of Christmas markets are unfortunately cancelled for this year but still I hope that some of the smaller markets will be going on, it all depends on the situation where we still are in. I will keep you informed by Instagram and FB. For you all who are close to Nottingham, next market will be at Cromford Mill in Matlock on the 20th of September and the 27th in Newark, on the Royal Market Square.

If you like to share this News Letter, please do so and also I would like to ask you to share any of my FB posts, it really helps small businesses. Thank you so much!🥰

Stay safe and hope to speak to you soon again, bye for now,

Susanne 💜

PS: should you like something specially made for a loved one or for yourself please contact me. And remember, I have also Jewellery for Men, 😉 Thank you.💜

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