Christmas markets

This is my first blog, so excuse me, I have to get into this. Since I started the end of September 2019, a lot has happened. We had the launch in September, which was a wonderful afternoon, so much enthusiasm. support and great feedback. Thank you all for that. I am working very hard to get a very nice and special collection together, I love to work with semi-precious stones, lava, such a wonderful material to work with, the forms, the shapes, every bead is different. Also it's warm to feel. Now we are in the period of Christmas markets, I just had a private Christmas fair, a great event, such a wonderful atmosphere, friends of friends. making new friends, and seeing "old" friends. again a very special evening with great feedback, thank you for all who were there.

I am looking forward to the next Christmas market I will participate in Worksop at the Arrow Farm here in the UK. I like to thank you for your support so far and I will keep you updated! "Follow your desires" Susanne

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