New season, new designs, let's meet again!

Hello my friends,

After a nice break after Christmas and New Year we are ready for the new Artisan Market season. It is good to have some time off and to reflect, also we went for the first time abroad again, which was so nice and it gave us such a good feeling to be able to travel again, wonderful!

It gives me inspiration, when I am walking on the beach I am self absorbed and that brings me the most wonderful ideas! The sea, the smell, to hear the waves rolling onto the beach and to feel the sand between your toes, a fantastic feeling!

For sure Spring is in the air, that you can feel as well, the days are getting longer again and the birds are chirping away. The daffodils, crocuses, snow drops are blooming, it brings a smile on your face and it makes you happy. All those little things are so important, especially now.

The trends in Jewellery for 2022 is to wear a combination of Gold and Silver, mix them, also semi- precious stones are popular, even with very big beads. Multi coloured and also mixed with pearls.

My first new designs are some bracelets with semi-precious stones made with silk cord, adjustable which is very easy. Also it is a bit Bohemian, nice and easy to wear in Spring and Summer, goes with everything, also for Men some nice bracelets with adjustable cord.

I am still in the process of much more new designs so I will keep you updated, also check my

FB page, Susanne SV Jewellery or Instagram.

The first Artisan Market is Sunday 20th March at Cromford Mill Matlock every 3rd Sunday of the month I will be there from 10am till 4pm in the marquee. ( except the 19th of June - holiday!)

The Bazaar at Cromford Mill will start the 3rd April, 5th June, 7th August, 2nd October, you can find me in the marquee from 10am till 4pm.

Also I will be participating in a small Artisan fair, named 'Mothering Sunday' on Sunday 27th March together with 3 other wonderful artists at the Yellow Wood Cafe in Beeston, from 10am till 4pm.

I look forward to all those markets again and to see you again, come and say hello , that would be great!

Have a beautiful Spring, enjoy!

Love Susanne💜

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