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Hello my friends,

Even that we are living in a very difficult time with so many obstacles we have to keep positive and looking forward to Springtime. The longer days will help, you can feel it now already, Spring is in the air!

Not easy at all, Mums so busy with organising the home schooling with their children, or maybe it is the Dads who are doing this. Working at home can be very nice and preferable for some but when you both have to work from home it can be a little cramped, who is taking the spare room and who is working at the kitchen table. Missing your colleagues. Then there are lots of us who are still going to work, key workers, but also office workers, certain retail workers, bus drivers etc. So even with this 'lockdown', we are very busy.

All of the above we have to put aside for a moment and think about yourself, yes that is allowed 😉, or think about a loved one or a dear friend and have a look what could be exciting for Springtime.

I had a look at what are the Springtime trends for 2021; The 1990s, Candy colours, Silver that's the one I like, Pearls and Semi-precious stones & lots of charms. Leather but I would say go for Vegan leather, Minimalism 1990s in all-white, Romantic dresses, Fishnet and Workwear.

I am busy designing and trying to get my new ideas realised. It's always a very difficult and sometimes frustrating process but slowly new creations are coming together. I will keep you updated. I hope in the next Newsletter I can inform you as to which Artisan markets and fairs I will attend this year, I am waiting to hear from the organisers. I hope with all my heart that soon we are able to have our lives back.

Please stay safe and take care! Love Susanne 💜🌷🌷🌷

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